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Trauma Therapists: Responsibilities Of And Certification

According to statistics, approximately 223.4 million adults in the United States have been exposed to some form of traumatic experience. These events include wars, accidents, abuse, and natural disasters. Sometimes, the victims of these occurrences develop complications and need solutions like trauma therapy to cope.

What Is Trauma Therapy?

Trauma therapy is a procedure designed to help victims of traumatic events lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life. More often than not, trauma alters an individual's brain and makes them react differently to diverse triggers. In this case, a trauma therapist steps in to counsel them and alleviate the symptoms.

Responsibilities of a Trauma Therapist

Your responsibilities as a trauma therapist include:

Diagnose problems

Traumatic events cause numerous psychological problems like PTSD, anxiety, and depression in patients. As a trauma therapist, your duty is to successfully examine patients, isolate their symptoms, and diagnose the problem. This process requires thorough knowledge of the various facets of trauma.

Assist patients in understanding themselves and their situation

Victims of traumatic experiences are constantly battling their issues. They need a therapist to help them perceive their ability and regain the power to conquer the situation. Professional assistance also enables them to understand the source of their problems.

Offer suitable remedies

Once you have identified a problem in your patient, the next vital step is to provide a solution. That is one of the main reasons people struggling with trauma come to you. The remedy you offer should decimate your patient's symptoms and restore their mental health.

Helping patients develop long-term coping strategies

Your job as a trauma therapist is not just providing instant remedies. You should also help patients to develop long-term solutions and strategies for preventing retraumatization. Remember, they are likely to face more stressful situations in the future. Therefore, they need skill sets and strategies necessary to avoid further psychological deterioration. 

Trauma Therapy Certification

The minimum requirement for joining most organizations as a trauma therapist is a bachelor's degree in a relevant field like social science, counseling, and psychology. However, most hospitals only hire professionals with a master's degree in a trauma therapy-specific field. Besides getting basic training, you can also aggrandize and improve your chances of scoring jobs by getting certifications.

Note that the trauma therapy field doesn't have specific certificates yet, but there are several mental health niches you can get certified in. Some of the certifications that help your career tremendously include Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CCTP tests how advanced your knowledge of clinical trauma therapy is after training.

If you need therapist trauma therapy certification, contact a local therapy certification service.